Except within our conservation areas, an earthly paradise is being turned into an earthly Hades; and it is not savages nor primitive men who are doing this, but men and women who boast of their civilization.

     William Temple Hornaday

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Building the Raspberry Pest


Many years ago, I purchased an Annoy-a-Tron from ThinkGeek.com. This little gadget could be surreptitiously mounted somewhere in the office, chirping randoml...

Hosting Media or Files on Amazon S3


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a big fan of Jekyll for creating static websites. The one obvious shortcoming of Jekyll is the entire site must be r...

Raspberry Pi Zero Load Average Monitor


In a previous post, I reviewed the status display I built for a Raspberry Pi server running in my workshop. Recently, I had a similar need for a Raspberry Pi...